Growth through literature, poetry and creativity

This site is under development to be a repository of my writings. It will contain everything from blog posts, book excerpts and audio-book download files, all the way to poetry, prose and short stories including the occasional guest post. I am a long-time writer who wants to build this project by himself from the ground up, from web design to content and everything in between, and so your curiosity is welcomed. If you want to find out a little more, explore at your leisure!!


More of my work coming soon...

Contact Information

Please feel free to get in touch however you like. It would be good to hear from you, as if you have found this page, I am truly interested in you sharing your story with me.

I will soon be sharing some of mine. Keep your eyes peeled. For now, enjoy one of my recent poems, Poem No. 52 – “Words”.

On Desire and Effort

Stunt acting I love it when a blog post idea comes as a topic of conversation. This one I attribute to a friend I have met at Tiger Muay Thai, a transient, Australian individual in the stunt business (the profession of performing incredibly daring feats with the intent of making actors and actresses look far …