All of us require a foundation from which to build from. A baseline. A starting point. The bottom rung on Mazlow’s Hierarchy. But how do you construct your foundations? How do you set your platform, from which to take a leap?

Castles made of sand fall into the sea, eventually…”

In spontaneity or stability, uncertainty or surety, we all need what is often referred to as “flagpoles” – a yardstick by which to measure our progress. An idea of where we are going, and where we have come from. A history and a future.
Regardless of the nature of this journey, how far it may take you or how near it may stay, a key part of this is the basic needs. Food, water and shelter, the things without which one cannot live. The fear of not knowing where the next meal may come from is not a reassuring sensation to live under, one I personally cannot say to ever have felt.
However, there is more to stability than the purely physical. Stability is a concept that can be effectively assessed across all fields. The physical, but also the emotional, mental, financial, spiritual and philosophical. All of these are of importance.

The most empowering part of the fields above is that the majority of them lie within one’s own control.
Emotional and mental health is fully trainable – though there are situations that can upset the ship, these can be maintained and developed by the training of meditative practices, yoga, breathing control and acknowledgement of thought. Control of one’s own mind is the most critical part of goal setting, as it allows rational thought in emotionally-laden situations. One’s emotions can be brought under control by the use of detachment, by taking the time to step back from a situation and assess prohibiting the immediate, instinctive and thereby emotional, response.
Financial security comes from embodying the Mustachian principles of “Frugality is the new Fanciness”. In our grandfather’s era, before the invention of credit, one who exhibited expensive taste and travelled by the fanciest car, horse or carriage was displaying legitimate wealth. In our day everything can be signed for and postponed, so everyone has the latest status-symbolic item – therefore the show of self-control that is Frugality is demonstrated by Steve Job’s uniform illustrates amongst other examples.
Spiritual and philosophical stability comes from taking the time for introspection. For observing one’s own true thoughts, desires and feelings and separating them from those thrust upon you by social media, advertising, marketing, and by extension “what everyone else is doing”.
It takes real strength of character to know one’s own mind and display to the world the truest self. It demands real humility to see one’s own deepest flaws, and willpower to choose to fix them, or at least try to. It requires observation of soul to make a stark assessment of what you actually want, or need, and what you actually want to do, what mark you really intend to leave on the world. There is a true burial of poise, and grace, and the real understanding of self when the castle is made of sand, and the reality that one constructs is based on information fed to you rather than born of you.
We are steered through a system that in no way trains us to think clearly, where achievement is measured by a yardstick set for us. The love of learning through any means we all are born with as children often falls away in the face of formal education, and is often only rediscovered by the lucky few who read philosophy, and psychology, and experience what seems to be an awakening.

You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.


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